We’re a digitally focused
Auckland creative agency

About Wove

We are a Digital Creative Agency lucky enough to be based in the beautiful seaside village of St Heliers, Auckland.

Surrounded by inspiring vistas, we do things beautifully because we love to make our clients smile.

Wove is a diverse team of people who use our specialist skills to provide integrated capability and sustainable strength to the products we create for our clients.

We strive to make things easier for our clients and produce beautiful work along the way. Our ability to collaborate and weave all aspects of digital, static assets and moving image enables us to create artwork that engages customers and delivers results.

We think in systems and across channels to ensure our clients can leverage digital, social and print channels with images, video and smart strategy.

What Drives Us

“Simply put, we want to amaze everyday and make the world a more curious place.”

Wonder | We are full of wonder, constantly exploring innovation looking for how we can make eyes light up. Our eyes, our client’s eyes and the eyes of your customers. We want to create wonder through wonder.

Opportunity | We look, we seek, we ask great questions. We find opportunity through questions that help us challenge the status quo and discover innovation. We will always push the boundaries to make your dreams come true.

Versatility | We will learn and adapt to become better versions of ourselves and a better team. Through knowledge, experience and results we embrace versatility and flexibility to produce better products and experiences.

Excitement | We value excitement in the way we feel about the work we produce and how our clients feel about their work with us. Our clients are our priority so we share and collaborate to get the best results. We invite our clients on the journey with us but we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. We want you to be excited to talk, share and boast of the work you do with us.

Our Values in Real Life

For the Wove team, our culture is like family.

Each of our individual strengths is a vital part of a successful team.

We’re excited to come to work in the morning and we love to celebrate the small and big wins.

We’re explorers by nature so we take time to share our constant discoveries and learning with each other so we all benefit.

We like to challenge assumptions so we don’t miss an opportunity to do it better. We expect the same in return from our clients! We invite you to push us, because we believe in a can-do spirit.

Where we don’t have answers, we seek to find them and if we face obstacles along the way, we work together and with you to break them down.

“Simply put, we want to amaze everyday and make the world a more curious place.”


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