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Branding and design

Grab attention, win hearts, deliver results

From branding, design, copy and print to ads, video and internal comms.

Whether you need to launch your new brand, bring in more sales or bring your team along for the journey, our branding and communications will help you connect with the right people at the right time. How? By getting each piece of the puzzle perfect – from the strategy to every element of the finished project.

Strategy and management

Communication strategy and management

We start by understanding your business, your audience and the issue you’re trying to solve. With those puzzle pieces we can design a communications strategy to help you and your organisation get in front of your audience, meet your targets and solve your problems. Activities could include anything from public relations, ads or promotions to influencer marketing – and everything in between.

Content strategy

Your content strategy and clear reporting will deliver maximum results and minimise spend.

Visuals and branding

Branding and collateral

Your brand starts with a crafted logo, but it comes alive in your POS, on your website or in your marketing materials. Whether refreshing your brand or creating one from scratch, we’ll work with you to ensure the results help attract, engage, and convert your ideal target.


Tell your story with beautiful, on-brand photography – we can shoot to your brief or find the perfect stock imagery.

Design for digital

As digital natives, we have an intrinsic understanding of how your audience behaves online and how best to design digital assets, content and spaces that attract, engage, entertainment and convert.

Graphic design

Our team of designers and UX/UI experts work with you to create effective visual communication and design with your target user in mind.

Creative and graphic design

Asset creation

We can develop any creative you need, perfectly optimised for any channel to support any campaign.

Print and traditional media

From concept to print-ready files, our design team demands excellence at every stage of the creative process – the only way to effectively design for print and traditional media.

Display and events

With extensive experience in this area, we understand that attention to detail combined with big ideas are the keys to creating high-impact outdoor and event materials.

Resizing and localisation

Roll out your international creative and branding to suit the New Zealand market, fast, cost-effectively and efficiently.


Find your brand voice with our specialists in copywriting for social and web platforms, long-form content and ads.


Concepting, storyboarding and scripting

Whether we’re creating a social video, radio ad or trailer set for the big screen, we always start with the big idea to create you the results you’re after.

Cinema ads and DCP conversion

Get unmatched cut-through with our 25 years’ experience in creating impactful cinema ads including conversion to DCP for cinema.

Video production

With our secure facility and advanced equipment, our team plans, films and edits impactful outdoor, TV, cinema and online video.

Radio ads

Take over the airwaves with attention-grabbing radio – we script, then oversee production from start to finish.

Security trusted by Disney and MPA

If protecting your IP and content is paramount, you’re in the right place.

Our digital and physical security processes and infrastructure have been audited and accredited by some of the world’s most security-conscious businesses, including the MPA (Motion Picture Association) and Walt Disney. This confirms our security protocols and protections as being among the most stringent in the world and is why we’re a trusted partner to the New Zealand Navy and Universal Pictures NZ.

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