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Silky Otter

Services Provided

Social Media Management

Website Development


Digital Advertising

Press Advertising

Video Editing


Print Production

The Challenge

The client wanted to bring an innovative, premium concept of cinemas to New Zealand to stand out in the market against well-established industry players. They needed a brand name, the brand design and all the trimmings to launch this new brand in to market across socials, their website and with their advertising.

The Solution

Wove was involved at the outset. We worked with the client to come up with the brand name Silky Otter Cinemas, then created a fresh, contemporary brand. From signage and photography, to social and website design and development the Silky Otter Cinema brand stood out as offering a premium alternative. We created the launch campaign and still work with the client managing their social media, digital promotion and website. The campaign was highly memorable, got people talking and cemented itself as part of the local community.

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