Creating authentic employee stories

Attract and retain the best talent with employer branding

If you want to grow your business, you need the right people. Competition for talent is on the rise in New Zealand, so in order to stand out, ensure you attract the best talent, reduce your cost per hire and reduce turnover within your organisation, you need to consider investing in your employer brand.

What is employer branding? 

  • An extension of your corporate brand – Employer branding is an extension of your corporate brand that speaks authentically about the experience employees have working within the organisation.
  • A true reflection – It aligns to your vision, values and culture and is a true reflection of what future employees can expect when they join.
  • Helps candidates decide – It is authentic and helps candidates make an informed choice.The decision to join a new organisation can be difficult for new candidates, so having the ability to find content that shows them what it’s like to actually work there is crucial when they are making their decision to apply or accept the job offer.

Is employer branding just about candidate attraction strategy?

The short answer, is no. Employer branding is something that needs a dedicated strategy connecting with new and existing employees.

  • Helps to retain existing talent – Your employer branding message doesn’t stop at attracting great talent, it is extremely important when it comes to retaining great talent.
  • Connects at all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle – You need a strategy that ensures your message aligns across all points of contact across an employee’s lifecycle with you. The candidate and employee journey has many touch points so it is vital that your message is clear and consistent each step of the way.
  • A great experience for all – Remember that your potential candidates are potential or existing customers, so a great experience through the application process is equally important so as not to do harm to your corporate brand.
  • Lead by example – As an employer, you are responsible for walking the walk with your valuable people and keeping the promises you make to them, which means getting buy-in and support from the top. If you are part of a larger organisation, your leaders help to champion the message on the ground so training to inform and support will be key.

We are passionate about creating authentic employee stories and a brand that reflects the culture. So, if you want to talk more about your employer brand, we’d love to hear from you.

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